Are Sharper Skate Blades Better?

There are two different meanings behind this question:

Freshly Sharpened Skates

Sharper skate blades, meaning freshly sharpened, are generally better because they provide improved on-ice performance compared to blades that are not freshly sharpened. A freshly sharpened skate blade, when properly sharpened, will have no damage to the blade, and have an almost perfectly even blade.

Sharper as in Hollow Depth

The concept of a "sharper" blade is often wrongly associated with the depth of the hollow of the blade. The blade hollow is the concave groove ground into the bottom of the skate blades during sharpening. 

What is a Blade Hollow?

In the case of a deeper 'sharper' hollow being better, this is not true as it depends on personal preference and needs of the hockey player.

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