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LS Pulse Ti 272 - Nils Hoglander

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Nils Hoglander Pro Stock Blades.

Condition: new

Profile: Detroit I (13'/26')

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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Findlay
Maximum Speed, Glide, Stability & Outstanding Edge Retention

My 15yr old son is on the ice every day was constantly battling with loosing edges & balance at high speeds or tight turns. After a while I inspected his blades and noticed the oem stainless runners were just not holding up. The sharpen was not even and the profile was different on each foot with a major imbalance toward the heel. This is when I realized regular sharpening we’re doing him more harm then good. These blades were being sharpened every week but not by the same person at the pro shop. After doing research on skate blades and profiling I wanted to try something different that would help him with his skating. I have come across all sorts of aftermarket blades but only Tydan stood out. I put my order in for LS Pulse Ti runners. Same day I was contacted by Tyler directly to verify my order. We discussed profiling and styles of cuts. My son is an advanced skater so decided a 7/8 Z-channel with a Zuperior profile on these Pulse Ti’s would be a great fit. I received the blades within a couple days freshly done. Immediately I noticed an instant change in his stability at speeds and turns. After 30 times on the ice from 2 tournaments Daily practices the edges are still like they were from the first skate. Im always inspecting his blades and noticed the edge retention is absolutely incredible. Even Our coach asked what we did because he can see increased speed. Agility and stability in turns and pivots in game’s & practice where he would always see him loose his edge or balance.
If anyone is looking for that competitive edge you must go with Tydan. From now on our runners will always be purchased and sharpened from Tydan. Excellent product and top notch customer service from Tyler
Thanks Tydan! Customer for life!

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