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LS Pulse TI Goalie Blades

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Please confirm blade size prior to ordering. We do not offer free returns on orders with incorrect blade sizes. Blades that have been custom engraved cannot be returned or refunded.

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Steel Grade: High

Finish: Titanium (for increased edge retention)

Stock Profile*: ~30'

Honing: Leather Chamois, Gummy Hone, Ceramic Hone

Holder Compatibility: Vertexx Edge

*Inaccurate & inconsistent due to mass production.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the new blades and profile

Very in tune with my blades. Know right away if I have even a little nick. I use a 3/8 hollow grind and an Atomic K profile and it is awesome. I first tried them on my indoor synthetic ice and it was so much easier to push and glide. Once I got on the arena ice I was very impressed. I have since sent my backup blades for the same profile.

Bearded Goalie 39
Solid steel

Bought some steel for them new skates I got as a gift, eh? After scourin' the whole darn internet, Tydan was the only place with the right steel in stock, those beauts. If I weren't in such a rush for these blades, I'd be takin' the time to get 'em fully customized. Definitely gonna do that when I order my spare set, fer sure.

kelly goalie
Worth it

Old skates broke, new skates had mediocre blade so upgraded. so worth it. New suggested profile felt awesome

Steven Rogers

I thought there would be more height on the steel. It was basically the same height as the steel I was replacing. I was slipping on toe pushes while down in the butterfly.

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