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LS Pulse TI Edge Runners

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Please confirm blade size prior to ordering. We do not offer free returns on orders with incorrect blade sizes. Blades that have been custom engraved cannot be returned or refunded.

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Steel Grade: High

Finish: Titanium (for increased edge retention)

Stock Profile*: ~10'

Honing: Leather Chamois, Gummy Hone, Ceramic Hone

Holder Compatibility: LS Edge

*Inaccurate & inconsistent due to mass production.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kevin Miller
Tydan Profile Blade Purchase

Great product. My son loves his blades.

Richard Johnston

I had tried to add profiling and sharpening to the order but it didn’t go through. Not sure why. The blades arrived promptly. Correct type and size. Just need to send back for the profile and sharpening.

Vitali Chaian
Great service

3 years with TYDAN.
Great service

Reid Meinhardt
Great set of steel and fast service!

Recently ordered 2 sets of replacement Quad Zero 3/4" profiled steel. The new sets were replacing 1 year old steel that lost a fair amount of height after repeated sharpening. New steel was perfect on delivery and sets felt 100% interchangeable. Not only can Tydan deliver steel fast (a couple days without any express mail service) but the consistency is remarkable. It also indicates that the year old steel is maintaining a good profile with automated sharpening. Thank you Tydan!

Nic Dawson
LS Pulse TI XL Edge Runners

Awesome product! Tydan profiling was spot on. I highly recommend this product and Tydan Specialty Blades. Great customer service!

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