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Youth SS blades

Seeing as my son is only 10 asking him to write this would not be ideal.
I had done some research on replacement blades for my son's skates as he likes them very sharp. I contacted Tydan and they suggested the hallow and the profile. I have to say from the moment my kid took 6 strides I could see a difference in the glide and his edges.
He came off the ice and said. "yup these are really good"
I'm happy to say that he has been on the ice for well into 11 hours and I still haven't sharpened them.
I would recommend anyone looking for replacement blades or a upgrade to the stock steel these are great!
Happy Dad


Blades felt really good on ice and they had amazing customer service when I had to sort something out. I also really like how you can customize your blades to enhance your performance. Would recommend! :)


I just got my blades and they look awesome! Amazing customer service. I used the chat method and got all the info I needed! They really went above and beyond!

SImply Amazing

We ordered a set of DiamondEdge Goalie blades the week before Christmas. The company was able to make them (including engraving) and ship them to California with several days left before the holiday. The communication from Tydan was excellent and the follow up on our order was absolutely first rate. The only thing that was better was the blades themselves. They are just remarkable. My first experience buying Tydan blades won't be my last, and Tydan is really doing everything right from start to finish. I can't say enough good things about the company or their products.

Awesome Blades and Service

replaced my LS2 blades in Bauer Supreme s180 with these beauties. They look great...only blemish (cosmeticaly challenged) noticeable is an extremely small line on the upper part of blade where clicks into skate--so don't even see it anyway when in the skate. Got the recommended profile and sharpening and they arrived 2 days after I ordered. They look awesome and with the rinks on lockdown gave them a quick skate on my pond (outdoor ice). The profile feels really good, but will have to judge the 3/4" sharpening once I get back on the softer indoor ice. I was using a 5/8" sharpen and my LS2 were down to about 10mm due to extra sharpening I had to get done due to losing my edge a few times (knicking boards/skates/etc). These black mirrored beauts are at around 16mm after the profile and sharpening, so the extra height will take a skate to adjust. They do look and feel amazing after my quick skate on the pond though. Will update after I try out at the arena once they re-open. From my experience ordering online, Tydan is top shelf.