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To better understand what the cagone method can do for your skating, think of what balancing automobile tires did for improving the performance of cars and the quality of the ride for drivers. For years, thousands of cars were driven on tires that were not balanced. The tires were inflated and placed on the car. Trips in a car with an unbalanced tire did get the vehicle from point A to point B. However, it wasn't until someone came along and realized that balancing the tires would improve the performance and feel of the ride. Drivers took notice. The drive on the new balanced tires made for a smoother ride. There was now an increased control of the vehicle, a more stable contact point on the road and better performance when turning and accelerating. Because the vehicle didn't have to work as hard to achieve the same result, the fatigue on the engine was reduced; not to mention a decrease in the fuel consumption.

Compare this scenario of tires to skates. Thousands of hockey enthusiasts are skating on unbalanced skates. They are still getting from point A to point B on the ice not realizing a method exists to increase their performance and improve the feel of their skates. Cagone is that method. The bottom line in ice hockey is that if you can't skate, you can't play the game. Having your skates balanced is crucial in enabling you to get the most out of each stride and turn.


Control and Flow


CONTACT AND Consistency

Stability and Agility



What are the difference and benefit of Cagone

Blade profiles vs Radius Profiles

  • The professional and recreational hockey player will notice a more consistent feel on the ice, less fatigue, improved turning and acceleration and overall stability.
  • Cagone profiles provides a flat surface between the ankle And the ball of the foot that enable skaters to have more blade on the ice when skating. This is similar to a speed skate blade. When turning or accelerating the player utilizes the radius on the front and back Of the blade to provide the agility and mobility required.
  • Cag one uses the skate size to determine the surface pitch can be added bases on the position of the player and the players ability.


ProSharp haas profiled skates since 1984. The ProSharp system is the only system that can provide players with triple & quadruple radius on a single profile!


A profile is a type off radius that you make on the blade to get the right glide surface. It makes you more balanced on the ice and helps you make fast turns, start, and stops. With a profile on your skates you will have the same type of grip, even when you lean forward to accelerate or lean backwards to make a turn.

single templates

one radius profile

DOUBLE templates

two radius profile

triple templates

triple radius profile

quad templates

quadruple radius profile

★ Player Reviews

What our customers say

86 reviews

My goaltender won't play without Tydan Blades. 100% gamechanger.

Spry J profile with 4mm diamond edge with 3/4" hollow

I only had a chance to use them twice before yet another lockdown ended the season. But I did notice a difference. Foot fatigue was greatly reduced during the game which is one of my biggest issues. The 3\4" hollow is not for me, I'll be getting them sharper. I'm impressed overall, and have recommended it to other goalies I play with.

Incredibly flawless

Very smooth and consistent feel on the ice with these. The profile is different and takes a while to getting used to yet it feels like what a goalie profile should feel like.

better when getting older

did not think that blade profile would change my game this much. Had a radical departure not only with the profile but also radius. always liked the tight feeling of a 7/16. went all the way out to a 3/4 on Tydan recommendation. Amazing. used to have hip and knee pain. no more. ready to go in hours not in days. not walking around like an old man. would have paid far more for this had i known the change it would mean.

MobilEDGE Diamond 4MM Goalie Blades

I replaced the 3 mm wide stock blades in my bauer x900 goalie skates with the MobilEDGE Diamond 4MM Goalie Blades with the Spry J profile. I have played 5 x so far with the Tydan blades and found out the following : 1) I find that I have better side to side pushes while standing up. I have always struggled with butterfly pushes in the past and still do but with the new blades I am making a bit of progress. 2) I find with the 4 mm blades i feel "set" quicker while following the puck movement and trying to stay square to the shooter. 3) I have no real bad nicks in the blades so far from hitting the posts and pushing off the posts . So far I am happy with the purchase. Also the shipping was super fast , 2 days from the order to getting the blades in my mail box . ( Hamilton Ont to Owen Sound Ont.)