Pro Skate Balance


To better understand what the Pro Skate-Balance method can do for your skating, think of what balancing automobile tires did for improving the performance of cars and the quality of the ride for drivers. For years, thousands of cars were driven on tires that were not balanced. The tires were inflated and placed on the car. Trips in a car with an unbalanced tire did get the vehicle from point A to point B. However, it wasn't until someone came along and realized that balancing the tires would improve the performance and feel of the ride. Drivers took notice. The drive on the new balanced tires made for a smoother ride. There was now an increased control of the vehicle, a more stable contact point on the road and better performance when turning and accelerating. Because the vehicle didn't have to work as hard to achieve the same result, the fatigue on the engine was reduced; not to mention a decrease in the fuel consumption.

Compare this scenario of tires to skates. Thousands of hockey enthusiasts are skating on unbalanced skates. They are still getting from point A to point B on the ice not realizing a method exists to increase their performance and improve the feel of their skates. Pro Skate Balance is that method. The bottom line in ice hockey is that if you can't skate, you can't play the game. Having your skates balanced is crucial in enabling you to get the most out of each stride and turn.

The Pro Skate-Balance method:

  • Improves Control and Flow

  • Improves Turns and Acceleration

  • Increases Blade Contact and Consistency

  • Increases Balance, Stability and Agility

  • Results in Less Fatigue

  • Reduces Risk of Injury



1. The professional and recreational hockey player will notice a more consistent feel on the ice, less fatigue, improved turning and acceleration and overall stability.

2. The professional hockey Equipment Manager will find that his time in preparing new skate blades for his players will be greatly reduced. This is a time saving product. The Equipment Manager will also notice a reduction in skate issues that are bothering his players. Please see our testimonials on the Success page of our site.

3. The Pro Shop owner/manager will want to stock and sell the Pro Skate Balanced blades. The profit margin is the same or better selling the Pro Skate Balance blade because your employees are spending less time utilizing "hands-on" methods freeing them up to be more productive in other facets of your business. Plus you can offer a steel blade to your customers that carry a one year warranty against breakage!