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Their Problem was

Every player has unique needs. Coaches can often see areas that need attention. However, without understand how the EDGE works and what each players EDGE is its difficult to assist with equipment recommendations for your team.

  • Players and Parents have limited understanding of profiles & hollows
  • Coaching staff don’t have visibility to each players setup
  • No equipment manger or performance experts to count on for advice

our solution

It starts with EDGUCATION and assessment. Tydan Performance Blades can provide your team with individual MyEDGE assessments to review each players current setup. While these assessments are being completed EDGEucation on profiles, hollows and blades will be given to the team to understand more about their EDGE. The teams current and recommended EDGE is provided to the coach and each player. Players are able to get their current blades adjusted or new blades can be ordered as a team with additional team incentives such as engraved logos and more




Team setup report

TeamEDGE assessment

EDGEucati on

Accurate results


Tydan Performance Blades are known for their reputation for quality. We use only the best materials, processes and equipment to ensure our product is straight, retains the edge and reduces breaks from impact. Over 25% of players in the NHL and thousands of professionals around the world skate on Tydan Performance Blades today


Every player has their own unique setup and performance they are looking to achieve. Our team has the experience to accurately install any profile options or custom configurations that you may require. As your support team we save you time, resources and the risk of error by providing you accurate custom blades ready to skate. PROFILE


New blades requires the initial installation of the first hollow. This takes time and resources. Tydan Performance Blades saves your equipment and resources from having to perform this process. Tydan blades arrive with any type of hollow you require installed with complete precision and ready to skate

Partners in Performance

Tydan Performance Blades has been involved in setting up custom blades for players and teams at all levels for many years. We are here to support you in any way. Whether its custom blades, urgent needs, blade adjustments, player assessments, however we can assist we are your partners in performance




EDGEucation Webinar

Learn more about blades, profiles, hollows and maintenance

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StainlessEDGE Goalie Blades - CCM Speedblade XSG Holder

Gummy Hone

Amazing blades

Love the blades and the personal profile, the guys were really helpful and made it a breeze to get the blades. I had some issues with the blade fitting into my skates but the staff was really helpful and fixed up the issue real quick! I will be a returning customer for sure!

Mikes Sam profile

These are great set of blades. Only problem I am having is the blades move in the holders and squeak.

Custom Diamond Edge

Great blades. Daughter loves them 👍🏒