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CCM replacement Goalie Blades

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Fill out a quick assessment and get matched with a blade selection and complete performance setup. Your blades are the one piece of equipment that have direct contact with the ice so selecting the right ones are crucial. We can help.
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Tydan Performance goalie blades are made to fit the CCM XSG holder and are designed to maximize your goaltending performance in the crease

Whether you are looking to replace worn out or new CCM goalie skate blades Tydan Performance Blades are the right fit and feel you are looking for in the crease to maximize the performance of your True goalie skates.

Designed with performance, edge toughness and quality in mind using high quality steel and tight manufacturing processes.  Tydan Blades are the choice of thousands of goalies around the world.

Add a custom profile and a matching hollow to further enhance your performance. Butterfly entry and exit, power pushing, mobility & stability.   If you need a recommendation you can CLICK HERE to get an EDGE assessment report specific to your goaltending style, ability and size.

Tydan Blades can come fully profiled, hollowed and engraved ready to skate in as little as 48 hours to your door.

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