CCM Step Steel XSG Stainless Steel 3mm Runners - Tydan Specialty Blades Inc. (USA)

CCM Step Steel XSG Stainless Steel 3mm Runners

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New for 2020, CCM has introduced their brand new Step Steel with the CCM Goalie Step Steel Stainless Steel Runners. These take the popular Step Steel design to specifically fit for a CCM Skate. Step Steel is made to increase the height of the runner to get a more aggressive attack angle for easier pushes and more efficiency on the ice.

Compatible with CCM Speedblade XSG Goalie Holder.

*See below for sizing details.*

**The chart below is only a guide. Please confirm blade size on skates prior to ordering. Orders with profiling and/or engraving cannot be exchanged if the wrong size is ordered.**

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