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Matching set of StainlessEDGE Skate Blades - CCM SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder

A matching pair of StainlessEDGE blades to fits the CCM Speedblade 4.0 holder.  We already have the machines set up to process your first pair.  The same profile, hollow and engraving that was installed on your first pair will be installed on this pair at no charge.   Player Blades for the CCM SpeedBlade +4.0 holder

price is per pair

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Youth SS blades

Seeing as my son is only 10 asking him to write this would not be ideal.
I had done some research on replacement blades for my son's skates as he likes them very sharp. I contacted Tydan and they suggested the hallow and the profile. I have to say from the moment my kid took 6 strides I could see a difference in the glide and his edges.
He came off the ice and said. "yup these are really good"
I'm happy to say that he has been on the ice for well into 11 hours and I still haven't sharpened them.
I would recommend anyone looking for replacement blades or a upgrade to the stock steel these are great!
Happy Dad

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Cosmetically challenged DiamondEDGE Skate Bladesjd

Seems to be great but can’t really tell right now as we are in lockdown. Tried once and seems to be great. Can’t wait to get back playing real hockey.

Best blades no doubt

In a direct comparison of Tydan steel vs. Bauer LS5 both my kids hands down prefer Tydan. They play Tier 1 and Juniors and spend a substantial amount of time on the ice. Tydan holds an edge longer, “nick up” less, and reportedly feel firmer and faster on ice. I have had both types of blades sharpened the same amount of times over the course of 2 seasons and the Tydans are simply better, no doubt.

Love the EDGE

Rockin the new steel

Great blades!

Love the blades. I get a lot more ice time in between sharpening. Thanks

Tydan Black steel Blems

Great steel, very impressed!