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DiamondEDGE Goalie Blades - Bauer Vertex Holder

DiamondEDGE blades are coated with a Diamond-Like-Carbon coating to provide a low friction, hard edge that resists wear.   The additional strength of the edge provides 4-6X the edge life as stainless steel blades. 

A harder edge is important to goalies due to the impacts that occur to blades in the crease.  The additional edge strength improves confidence in your edges regardless of the impacts that occur during the game.  Edge damage is unavoidable in the crease.  The DiamondEDGE provides you the maximum EDGE strength available to resist damage from impact.   This retained edge enables maximum agility, mobility & stability until the buzzer goes.

The harder edge is also helpful for extending sharpening intervals which saves sharpening costs, time and reduces the impact on your blade profile.

Compatible with trigger holders

3mm width

*price is per pair*

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SImply Amazing

We ordered a set of DiamondEdge Goalie blades the week before Christmas. The company was able to make them (including engraving) and ship them to California with several days left before the holiday. The communication from Tydan was excellent and the follow up on our order was absolutely first rate. The only thing that was better was the blades themselves. They are just remarkable. My first experience buying Tydan blades won't be my last, and Tydan is really doing everything right from start to finish. I can't say enough good things about the company or their products.

Amazing service and shipping

Great advice, best quality steel and super fast shipping

Great Blades

These blades are outstanding. Totally worth the upgrade.

Great blades and great service

After getting some for my son, I decided to get a set for myself. I placed the order and the next day, I had a call by the folks at Tydan to discuss my needs. Based on my comments, they suggested going to a shallower radius. They really took the time to understand my needs and they were really knowledgeable. They also took the time to inquire about my son’s opinion about his blades. I’ve had a few sessions on the ice since I received my blades. All I can say is wow! I never thought that having my blades profiled would make such a difference. Moving across the crease is much easier and smoother now. Direction changes and shuffles are better now. I also tend to be quite hard on my blades as I use the posts a lot to punch. The edge on these blades really hold up quite nicely. I would normally go through 2-3 sessions before resharpening my blades. I’m now at 5 and I don’t see the need to sharpen them yet. Great product, I’m very happy of my purchase

Best steel

they are amazing quality. Extremely fast shipping.

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Cosmetically challenged DiamondEDGE Skate Bladesjd

Seems to be great but can’t really tell right now as we are in lockdown. Tried once and seems to be great. Can’t wait to get back playing real hockey.

Best blades no doubt

In a direct comparison of Tydan steel vs. Bauer LS5 both my kids hands down prefer Tydan. They play Tier 1 and Juniors and spend a substantial amount of time on the ice. Tydan holds an edge longer, “nick up” less, and reportedly feel firmer and faster on ice. I have had both types of blades sharpened the same amount of times over the course of 2 seasons and the Tydans are simply better, no doubt.

Love the EDGE

Rockin the new steel

Great blades!

Love the blades. I get a lot more ice time in between sharpening. Thanks

Tydan Black steel Blems

Great steel, very impressed!