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Tydan DiamondEDGE CCM XS Player Blades

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Tydan DiamondEDGE Blades are premium grade steel, engineered with mirror finish to provide superior glide, then coated with Diamond Like Carbon to provide a low friction, hard edge that resists wear. The additional strength of the edge provides 4-6x the edge life as stainless steel blades. Blade height has been raised to create a more aggressive attack angle for easier pushes and more efficiency on the ice.

A harder edge is important to skaters due to the impacts that occur to blades during a game. The additional edge strength improves confidence in your edges regardless of the impacts that occur during the game. Edge damage is unavoidable when battling for the puck. The DiamondEDGE provides you the maximum EDGE strength available to resist damage from impact. This retained edge enables maximum agility, mobility & stability until the buzzer goes.

The harder edge is also helpful for extending sharpening intervals which saves sharpening costs, time and reduces the impact on your blade profile.

Professional grade steel treated by the industry experts at Tydan to best suit your skating needs will give you the EDGE you need to accelerate your game.

DiamondEDGE CCM XS Skate Blades fits easily into the CCM XS Holder.

*See below for sizing details.*

**The chart below is only a guide. Please confirm blade size on skates prior to ordering. Orders with profiling and/or engraving cannot be exchanged if the wrong size is ordered.**

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Great quality blades

These blades are high quality blades the finish is amazing. Will purchase more.

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