CCM Step Steel XSG Blacksteel Runners

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The Step Blacksteel SpeedBlade XSG Goal Runners boast an incredibly hard, fine edge due to the layer of carbon nanoparticles which creates the 'black' coating. The blade's hard edge can stand up much better against bangs and impacts that ultimately improves and extends the runner's lifespan.

With Step, you'll also be getting a blade that is higher than traditional steel runners that decreases the angle between the boot and ice for a quicker butterfly transition. This added height also improves a goalies performance whether it be a skate behind the net or a powerful push across the crease.

Available in 3mm & 4mm.

Compatible with CCM Speedblade XSG Goalie Holder.

*See below for sizing details.*

**The chart below is only a guide. Please confirm blade size on skates prior to ordering. Orders with profiling and/or engraving cannot be exchanged if the wrong size is ordered.**



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This was my first time using the MyEDGE Assessment tool. Not only was it super easy to use, the Tydan team was quick to follow up and review my options and recommendations. What a great product and excellent customer service!


Canada to UK in 72 hours! Great service before deciding to buy, fit is perfect to replace my LS2's and look great in black. Can't wait to hit the ice with them!


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