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Bargain blades are a collection of our skate blades that are new, unused but can not be sold as new due to misprints on engraving, wrong profile installed with a name on the blade, or cosmetic defects.  Simple challenges that do not impact performance on the ice.   Everything from NHL players changing profiles, to wrong numbers and names spelled the wrong way.  They all can be found in the Bargain blade collection

Bargain blades make for a great way to try out a new profile.  Fill a few months gap to end a season or you have an approaching new skate purchase and don't want to buy new blades right now.  

Each blade is described with its specifications and comes with Tydan's standard 30 day warranty. 

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Spry J profile with 4 mm steel

I skated in full goalie gear with the new blades, .( no games or practices yet ) The best thing is that Joel was able to help me figure out what works best for me personally.And the " Spry J "profile is just right for me.( I am a 62 year old Rec. Goalie )

Fantastic product and customer service

Customer service was excellent, very fast production and shipping. Love my new Tydan’s and noticed a difference immediately. As someone who is new to using a blade with a profile it was great to get recommendations from them.

StainlessEDGE Goalie Blades - CCM Speedblade XSG Holder

Gummy Hone

Amazing blades

Love the blades and the personal profile, the guys were really helpful and made it a breeze to get the blades. I had some issues with the blade fitting into my skates but the staff was really helpful and fixed up the issue real quick! I will be a returning customer for sure!